I’ve used that joke on people. They didn’t get it.

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i have opinions but sometimes i just don’t feel like sharing them bc some of u don’t know how to respect each other’s opinions and its sad






If you are pissed at Michael for his tweet grow the fuck up. You knew it was coming. HE DID IT LAST TIME SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPENED. He’s a little fucking kitten with a sense of humor grow the fuck up. You are literally annoying.

maybe when you get…

He wasn’t showing them in a negative light literally I’m the girl who made a YouTube video about insecurities. Telling people to be fucking strong. I helped people get over hard shit like this. You have to realize that you don’t know my story to be telling me that what I’m saying is wrong. You don’t know shit about my life or my story. I’ve been overweight hell do I care? No. Because I’ve learned that if someone doesn’t respect what you got they don’t deserve you in their life. This drama literally has given me a damn anxiety attack to the point where I can barely type this I’m shaking so much. He didn’t mean to put any negativity on any one it’s literally just a photo. Like I said he could have posted a photo of a unicorn and someone could have had a problem with it. He literally just post things to be funny. If you don’t see that then you don’t know his attitude well enough. I literally just joined this fandom again and I don’t want shit and your probably aren’t even going to read any of this but trust me things are way worse out there than this tweet. If you are complaining about this tweet look for something else to complain about because there are better things out there. Alright? Now I have a dying mom to go worry about not a tweet about a fake nude. If that’s fine with you. I’m sorry if I offended you. I’m honestly just sick of drama where ever I go I’m just here to love music and 4 idiots who make me smile not complain about tweets and over analyze everything. 😕


if the 5sos fandom is a family put me up for adoption.

"Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do."

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